Nine Bark Outfitters

*2018 Available Non-Resident Outfitter Deer & Elk Tags

               Hunt Unit #      ALL TAGS AVAILABLE ONLY UNTIL MARCH 31            

157        Sled Springs Buck Deer (Rifle) 5 Tags
158        Chesnimnus Buck Deer (Rifle) 4 Tags
257R1    Sled Springs Any Elk (Bow) 1 Tag
257R2    Sled Springs Spike or Cow Elk (Bow) 2 Tags
258R1    Chesnimnus Any Elk   (Bow) 2 Tags
258R2    Chesnimnus Cow or Spike Elk (Bow) 1 Tag
257X      Sled Springs Any Bull Elk (Rifle) 1 Tag
258X      Chesnimnus Bull Elk  (Rifle) 4 Tags
258 Y    Chesnimnus Bull Elk (Rifle) 3 Tags

  *These tags are for non-residents of Oregon only.  We have them available until March 31, 2018.  They will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Available only with guided hunt or drop camp.


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