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We buy and sell original 80's model St. Blues guitars.  Please visit our site at to find out what's currently available.  These extremely rare guitars are becoming hard to find, and we're interested in hearning from anyone with knowledge about the whereabouts of any St. Blues Eliminators, like the ones pictured at the left.


In the Shadow of the Mountain CD

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This collaborative effort between Dub and Henry evolved throughout 2005, and contains 11 original songs and one Greatful Dead tune (used with permission).  The style of music ranges from blues, to bluegrass and jazz style instrumentals, rock ballads, Texas swing, and Americana.  Half the songs were written by Henry, half by Dub, and a couple by Dub & Henry in collusion.  A true selling point of this album lies in the fact that Dub's voice only surfaces in the harmonies, leaving the brunt of the vocals to "the talent" of the duo.  Not that Dub is without worth.  His literary masterpiece "How To Be Short & Bald With Confidence" is a well known classic, and he has been known to hit the right notes on the guitar on occasion.  We, at The Academy of American Music, would like to acknowledge these two musical pioneers for putting out an album entirely devoid of anything resembling "Hip-Hop" or "Rap."  Indeed, we find it refreshing to hear two voices combined with actual instruments being played.  For this reason, we highly reccomend that literally everyone in the United States buy a copy of this album.   In an effort not to become "comercialized," and remain true to their art, they have decided not to sell the cd in places like Wal-Mart, or mall-type record stores across the country like all the other big stars are doing these days.  So, America, if you'd like a copy of this ground-breaking, foot-tapping, totally hip it here!

 The Board of The Academy Of American Music

(Slightly edited by Dub Darneille)       

                       Click on the songs below to listen to a clip:

  1. Jacks Rag
  2. Walking on the Moon
  3. Hawkins Pass
  4. Levi
  5. Simple Twist of Fate
  6. Like Always
  7. Cathy's Run
  8. If Ya Snooze, You Lose
  9. Turn Around Baby
  10. Sleepy
  11. Cocktail Time
  12. Friend of the Devil

Cd Price $15.00+$2.00 S+H



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